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This Entrepreneur is Bringing Tech Education to Girls of Color

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How This Former Engineer Left Her Dream Job To Bring Girls Of Color To Tech

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As a computer engineer and former Apple employee Khalia Braswell looked around her industry and didn't see many women engineers and especially not many women of color. Khalia decided to move back to her hometown of Charlotte and started the non-profit INTech that reaches out to middle and high school girls to spark interest in pursuing jobs focused in technology fields.

Discovering You: Khalia Braswell

Khalia Braswell is a computer scientist and founder of INTech Camp for Girls. After starting as a user experience engineer for Apple, she quit her job and moved to her hometown of Charlotte, NC, to run her non-profit full time. “Discovering You: Engineering Your World” is produced by NBC News Learn in partnership with Chevron, the American Society for Engineering Education and the National Science Foundation.

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This Black Engineer Left Her Dream Job To Make A Difference

Khalia Braswell was in fourth grade when her family got their first home computer. “I got hooked into programming, and I literally was like, ‘All right, this is what I want to do,’” she said. From there, Braswell took off. She went to college at North Carolina State University, majoring in computer science, and got her master’s degree in information technology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

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An organization focused on strengthening STEM skills in girls is succeeding by investing in non-technical concepts -- role models, social issues, educational approaches, and soft skills. In the lead frame, Khalida Seabury, a scholar in the INTech Camp for Girls at Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology, studies application modeling in the fall 2018 semester program.

This tech founder will soon be growing her North Carolina nonprofit from Philly [Entrance Exam]

Considering she’s had a knack for tech since the fourth grade, Khalia Braswell was pretty much raised to have an impact on young technologists.

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INTech: Bringing Girls Of Color To Code

Tucked into a renovated warehouse, there’s a colorful high-tech room with a giant glass garage door open to the sidewalk to let in fresh air and lots of natural light — almost as if what happens inside is too big for closed walls.

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