Quick Search

User Interviews, Usability Test

Problem: A new search experience was A/B tested to determine it's impact on revenue. Once results retuned inconclusive, interviews with users were necessary to gain feedback prior to the nw product launch.

Project Duration: 1.5 Months


Quick Search

Company Overview

Crunchbase is a startup prospecting tool used by sales reps, founders, and investors.

My Role

Senior User Researcher

The Problem

The Product team launched an A/B test for the Quick Search feature within the Crunchbase product. The experiment was conducted after Quick Search’s UI/UX was simplified and “Suggested Searches” was added to the list of results. The experiment sought to learn:

  • Whether the addition of “Suggested Searches” will lead to an increase in Advanced Search and Query Builder activities and
  • Whether there is any negative impact on the monetization metrics.

The experiment results were inconclusive with a few metrics being slightly negative. For example, the number of Advanced Search and Query Builder Searches dropped.

As a result, I proposed that we conduct user interviews to understand if users prefer the old or updated versions of Quick Search.

Research Process

  • Kick-off Meeting: For this project, I worked with the Product and Design team leads. I met with all stakeholders to understand business goals and surface assumptions. Collaboratively, we framed research goals.
  • Research Plan: I created a research plan that included a project timeline, participant selection criteria, recruitment screener questions, and an interview and usability test script.
  • Recruitment: I partnered with the data analytics team to pull a list of users using Periscope dashboards.

Research Methods

This research project used a mixed-method, multi-phase approach.


  • Evaluate which version of Quick Search users prefer, between the old and updated designs.
  • Which version provides a better search experience and is thus worth iterating on?
  • Which version would lead to an increase in advanced search and query builder searches?

Phase 1  (qualitative):

  • I interviewed 7 users who were in the treatment group of the Product teams experiment.


This research resulted in a better understanding of how users search on Crunchbase and whether or not the new UI/UX experience leads to more advanced search and query builder searches.

Recommendations Included:

  • 5/7 participants used quick search immediately when landing on the Crunchbase homepage.
  • Users' search behaviors depend on whether they’re prospecting or researching a known company.
  • Users would like a “fuzzier” way to search for companies in Quick Search instead of needing to use a specific company in their query.
  • Narrow the number of ways to get to advanced search. Currently, users have 2-3 different ways to complete an advanced search.
  • Carry users’ search query from Quick Search to Advanced Search

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